ABOUT MADE IN LA – Best mens leather bracelets

By madeinla | 19. March 2017

Raphael, the founder of MADE IN LA came up with the idea to create a quality leather bracelets after he couldn’t find a decent leather bracelet for himself.  He decided to partner up with the famous leather factory Hollywood Trading Company, which exclusively manufacture the MADE IN LA collection. His goal: The best mens leather bracelets you can find.

The MADE IN LA collection is carefully designed and handmade in Los Angeles with globally sourced component parts. In our factory we place each stud and stone (made from real glass) by hand on your leather bracelet. We use a special technique to smooth the edges. Finally we use a heated logo stamp to give the bracelet its identity. These are best mens leather bracelets you can get. We’re happy to ship bracelets to customers around the globe. You can also find us in some selected stores in LA, Switzerland and Japan. See more about our international appearance in the press section or on instagram

Best mens leather bracelets

In a fairly long process each bracelet goes through several steps in the production. From cutting the strap, preparing the holes and placements, leather treatment, stitching for the buckle, studs and rings vintage preparation, placing the studs and rings, smoothing the edges, finishing and smoothing the backside and last but not least stamping the signature logo with a fire heated stamp into each bracelet.

Mens bracelets from MADE IN LA are therefore unique and will keep the quality for a long time. Literally best mens leather bracelets you can get.